the liberation fund


The Liberation Fund was created to provide indigent legal representation in areas where the lack of access to resources continue to create a revolving door to incarceration .

Through advocating for geriatric clemency, providing indigent defense, helping victims of official misconduct and assisting the formerly and currently incarcerated that are suffering from debt they have accumulated while serving time, we intend to significantly decrease the prison population.

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The Relationship between the
Law Firms and the Liberation Fund

The Liberation Fund uses a co-counsel model, which involves law firms in a collaborative partnership.
The Liberation Fund has a staff of civil rights attorneys, which allows the Fund to continuously provide knowledge and expertise in litigation strategy. The law firms that fulfill the co-counsel partnership, provide their high stakes litigation experience and skill sets of their partners, associates, and staff, along with the resources of BigLaw firms. This relationship allows a level of representation that is rarely seen in this area of litigation. It also increases capacity to take on more cases and maintain a standard of quality that all citizens deserve.
“Our work is specifically geared towards helping those affected by the carceral state and significantly decreasing the prison population.”

Case Highlights

Zephi Trevino
Marvin Guy
Larry Hoover

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The lack of resources for underserved communities is the biggest driver for incarceration. Your support can aid us in our effort to significantly decarcerate the prisons in this country.